Shawna O'Hagan Morrow

Self-Respect or Blind Respect

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My friend, Beth Wonson, mentioned self-respect and blind respect in a Facebook post the other day and they hit me like a lightning bolt!  WOW!  This is the choice that we face every day…multiple times a day… do we honor ourselves or sit and take it. This is a concept that I’ve been unravelling for [...]

Mother Your Own Way

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You can be a mother without having a child.  I’ve been mothering for a long time – probably my entire life.  I’ve mothered my younger siblings, friends, relationships, nieces, nephews, dogs and sometimes I’ve mothered my mother. But I’m not a mother in the traditional sense.  I don’t have any children – unless my husband [...]

What do the Grammy’s and Valentine’s Day Have in Common?

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Love and Courage. You can't have one without the other.As I’m catching up on the Grammy Awards from last night, a few things jump out at me.  Beyoncé’s performance, Adele’s starting over and Bruno Mars Prince tribute, just to name a few.  All three put a tremendous amount of love into their performances and it [...]

Stop the Verbal Violence

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It’s been a long journey to get where I am today – I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m so much further along than I ever thought possible.  More than 30 years of self-hatred, never feeling good enough, always trying to hide and go unnoticed.  Today, I’m so much more confident, I’m [...]

I’m Not Just Another Pretty Girl!

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Dear Mean Girl, It’s come to my attention that you are so happy to now be in the presence of “another pretty girl.”  I had to stop myself…Ummmm, what did she say?  I think I need to have my hearing checked. This was another one of those ARE YOU KIDDING ME moments! I’m a shocked [...]

Do What Scares You

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After a devastating breakup, I was humiliated, sad and emotionally unavailable.  In the years that followed, I dated people, but never with my whole heart again.  I had built a wall to prevent myself from being hurt again. Just for the record – this doesn’t really work ….it keeps the hurt out, but it also [...]

I Shared My Greatest Fear & Look What Happened

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Almost 3 years ago, I was in gorgeous Savannah, Georgia with some of my favorite people.  I was at one of my mentors, Susan Hyatt’s amazing retreats and we were talking about what was holding us back.  Why are we not putting ourselves out in the world?  Why are we playing small? Everyone went around [...]

Perfection is a Lie

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Perfection is what a lot of people strive for - but the truth is that is makes us crazy.  We aim for perfection as a way to avoid being criticized. We think that if we are "perfect" then we will not be criticized - not true.  People will always find a reason to be critical. [...]

Freedom From Body Hatred

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Every year - every day really - I think about freedom.  Actually freedom from my body. Freedom from the negative thoughts. Freedom from the sadness I feel about myself at times. Freedom from uncomfortable clothes and self-violence. Freedom to be who I am, right this minute without feeling I have to change to be accepted. [...]