Shawna O'Hagan Morrow

Welcome! I’m thrilled you’re here!

Shawna O'Hagan Morrow life coach

Whether you’re looking for more success with your business, team building workshops, management development, more balance between home and work or want to fall in love with your body – I can help!

I’m a Certified Coach, as well as, a Certified Public Accountant (licensed in Maryland) and I believe that anything is possible with a little clarity. That means, I want to help you be more successful, less stressed and have more freedom.

People always ask me – what is “Find Your Feisty?”  Feisty to me is synonymous with courage! It’s all about saying what you want and asking for what you need, standing up for yourself and others, being smart, sassy, fun & fearless!  Feisty is not hiding!  Feisty is not waiting until everything is perfect to take the next step or start a new adventure.  Feisty is living your life NOW to the fullest!

I work with business owners, leaders, managers and executives to help them get the results they want at work and with their teams.  I guide them to become more effective leaders and better managers.

I believe that the greatest teams are built with authenticity, valuing employees and excellent communication.

I also work with women who are seeking peace and want to heal their relationship with their body.  The fact that 91% of women hate their bodies is a startling statistic.  I help women fall in love with their bodies while building confidence and courage.  I support them in ditching the diet mentality so they can live free from counting calories, stop listening to that mean girl in their head, while nourishing and moving their bodies in a way that feels amazing!

I believe the best way to your ultimate good health is through love, acceptance and confidence.

I believe that everyone has the key to unlocking their best life within them.  They just don’t know how to access the information – that’s where I come in!  I ask powerful questions so they can discover their right life. They come to me to find their voice, create more freedom, invest in their overall wellness and to create the life they crave!


I want to create lasting relationships with my clients so that they always have me in their corner when they need me. That’s why I’ve created this unique coaching and consulting practice, so I can help them get clarity and freedom while building courage and confidence in their business, their body and their life.

If you have any questions or would like to talk